Concept Art by Ben Tuttle | Splash Art by Vasiliki Makris


August 2023 – Current

Engine:Unreal C++ and Blueprints

My Role: Producer and Programmer

Isshin is a lethal 3rd person action game focusing on the beautiful lethal dance of samurai-style combat. I am currently the producer on a team of 17 students where I am organizing cross-disciplinary work across art, audio, design, and tech. I am also a programmer using C++ and Blueprint in Unreal. We hope to publish Isshin to Steam by December 2024.

What I am doing on the project:

  • Player interaction system
  • Frame data melee combat using Unreal Montages
  • God of War inspired enemy director and associated enemy behaviors
  • Facilitating the use of ClickUp for documentation, task management, bug reporting, and quality assurance

Relevant Code Samples

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