Poker Prototype

January 2024 – March 2024

This poker prototype was a school project for my Technical Design class at DigiPen. The project was created using a custom action system in order to quickly create polished looking gameplay for a simple poker-type game. It also has an automated play mode (activated by pressing “A”) which plays runs the game and selects random options for the player. This prints telemetry data to a CSV file when run as a PC build.

The following is a post-mortem I wrote as part of the assignment.

The project went very well! I found it a relaxing chance to practice Unity and found myself embracing the action list system alongside my usual Unity patterns. For example, I often use coroutines when doing things over time in my other Unity projects, however I found a nice balance of coroutines and actions to solve a lot of problems that I think would normally get solved by blocking groups within the context of this project. Now, when I return to my other games I find myself wanting to use actions as I really appreciate the speed they can be used to prototype ideas with a simple level of polish from the easing.

I wrote the game as an assignment without much organization for the structure of the code leading to most things being contained within the GameManager.cs file. This has already caused issues when trying to iterate towards the end of the project for anything related to gameplay. If I were to continue this project, refactoring the gameplay logic would be the first priority. I also considered the idea of using this as a base to build a little WebGL multiplayer poker game using Netcode for GameObjects which I think would work out well since I could just add RPC functionality to the actions and that would take care of a lot of the implementation.

Play the prototype below:

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