November 2020 – June 2021


My Role: Programmer and designer

Obscura is a puzzle-platformer in which the player uses different cameras to find colorful solutions to problems in a monochromatic world. The game was developed as a high school project by Griffon Hanson and Ty Morrow, and it won 7th place in the Computer Game & Simulation Programming event at the 2021 FBLA National Leadership Conference.

Everything the player sees is in black and white, but throughout the levels are cameras which display a primary color. Objects that match that primary color come into existence, which will allow the player to solve puzzles that they’d be faced with. However, they may also create objects that block the player’s path, maybe causing the player to leave a camera behind to hold a perspective that they wouldn’t be able to hold on their own. Obscura plays with perspective, platforming, and color as tools for creating an engaging experience for players. On top of this is the online leaderboard in which players race to climb for the top spot.

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