The On-the-go Wizard’s Guide to the Vegetable and Real Estate Markets: A Veget-a-bullet Train Adventure

February 2023

tOtgWGttVaREM:aVTA is an educational simulation for the purpose of informing travelling wizards magically trapped aboard enchanted locomotives on the processes of growing and selling vegetabullets to potential and perhaps unwitting passersby. Utilizing state of the art advanced aggressive sales tactics they will experience utilizing the power of “The Canon” in securing profit necessary for unlocking wards binding them aboard their prison. With enough practice, patience, and perserverence, any wizard who finds themselves in such a scenario will have a complete guide for getting off the road, and back to their tower where they can once again put down their roots and live a happy and fulfilling life!

The project was made on a team of five students with three programmers and two artists during the 2023 Global Game Jam. I took on much of the gameplay programming responsibilities and had a great time creating a little project. You can see a presentation of the game below.

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