Garry’s Mod Maps

Garry’s Mod Maps

Garry’s Mod was my introduction to level design. I started making maps in the Source Engine when I was 13, and now I do the occasional freelance contract, although with the release of Source 2 I have stepped away from Garry’s Mod almost entirely.


This cyberpunk style map is still in development as of 06/26/2021. I took part in the contribution by focusing on I/O items throughout the map as well as weather support.


Gladiator is a little map that has a center hall and four branching areas. It was made as a commission for a gladiator roleplay server that never came to be.


This edit was for a Half Life 2 roleplay server that I was co-running. It added Stormfox support and made lots of little changes that support our idea of the server.


This was my next major map edit after doing multiple iterations on rp_denon. It consisted mostly on optimizing the base map, gm_aftermath, for Stormfox support and adding lots of foliage. This map was used on a survival-horror roleplay server called Scourge.


This was my first major map edit for a Cyberpunk roleplay server. It was a huge struggle to do anything, but also a huge learning experience.